I am an abstract landscape artist motivated by a passionate love for Jesus and His message of enduring love. I see the love of Christ reflected in all of God’s creation but especially in the mountains. The appeal to surmount these majestic giants, to summit their peaks and be just a little closer to Heaven, is much like our own spiritual journey towards cultivating an intimate relationship with God. The mountains call out to us, and so does our God. Prophetic imagery in the form of birds (representative of our spirit selves) and feathers (a representation of Heavenly anointing or miracles) are also prominent in my works as well.


Oil and acrylic are my preferred mediums in the studio. But, I have had experience with nearly all types of mediums and forms of art expression over the past 18 years. I primarily work out of my own kitchen at a secondhand shop bench, while caring for my three, small kiddos. We have relocated to Visalia, Ca. where I will have more space to practice my craft. My mission at Encore Art Studios is to create an atmosphere of welcome for the Holy Spirit through the act of Worship Art. I would love to someday be able to teach others how to use their creative gifting to honor the Holy Spirit and send their own prophetic art into the homes of others.


Many Blessings,